A new innovative and exciting way to take prenatal classes!

You can now take prenatal classes in the comfort of your own home!

  •       At your pace
  •       At your convenience
  •       Costing less than a night out for dinner and a show!

Easy to follow format structured like a regular prenatal class series.

Follows topics in an organized manner, from start to finish, without burdening you with unnecessary information.

Plus you can ask me questions at any time or seek clarification.  It’s just like being in class with me!



Topics include:

  •       Anatomy/Physiology
  •       Signs of Labour
  •       The Labour Process
  •       Coping Techniques
  •       Interventions
  •       Breastfeeding
  •       And much more


You can purchase the whole series for only $47.00!!

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! We offer the best Childbirth Classes on the internet. It is the first of its kind and features different types of instruction including interactive games, actual footage of me in the classroom, videos and online live chat!

What are you waiting for?

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  • To increase your knowledge about various issues surrounding the pre and post-natal period.
  • To get answers to the many questions you will have and to share your concerns.
  • To understand the pros and cons of various procedures and practices surrounding the birth experience.
  • To help you make informed choices during the pregnancy, labour and delivery and postpartum periods.
  • To reduce anxiety about the birth experience.
  • To help you realize your goals to ensure a satisfying birth experience.
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